I think it’s come time to call a spade a spade. The Daily Caller is awful. It’s almost as bad as listening or watching to Sean Hannity on a regular basis. And believe me, it pains to me to say this, as both are ideologically inline with me. But let me explain.

Back on 10/2/2012, Daily Caller promised a huge expose on Obama from a tape they had acquired. It’d be huge – red headlined on the Drudge Report and everything. So it drops later that night and it turns out to be an unedited tape from a known 2007 speech Obama had given. Daily Caller made the decision to highlight certain aspects of the speech – the accent he uses and acknowledging his connections to Reverend Wright. Because of this, the tape was widely ignored (and panned, even in much of conservative circles) as nothing new – which it wasn’t. Well, it wasn’t new for what Daily Caller had highlighted.

But they completely ignored the blow out point of this video – the part which hadn’t been seen elsewhere. And that was Obama’s railing against the Federal Government’s supposed decision to not waive the Stafford Act after Hurricane Katrina. He was reinforcing Kanye West’s point that Bush doesn’t care about black people – in an attempt to forment rage at Bush. In fact, the Stafford Act had been waived. And Obama had voted against this measure.

As Thomas Sowell writes:

Because, less than two weeks earlier, on May 24, 2007, the United States Senate had in fact voted 80-14 to waive the Stafford Act requirement for New Orleans, as it had waived that requirement for New York and Florida. More federal money was spent rebuilding New Orleans than was spent in New York after 9/11 and in Florida after hurricane Andrew, combined.

Unlike Jeremiah Wright’s church, the U.S. Senate keeps a record of who was there on a given day. The Congressional Record for May 24, 2007 shows Senator Barack Obama present that day and voting on the bill that waived the Stafford Act requirement. Moreover, he was one of just 14 Senators who voted against — repeat, AGAINST — the legislation which included the waiver.

So. Obama both knew that the act had been waived. And he had voted against the waiver. So, he was lying to his audience to stir them up.

This was the only real news from the tape that the Daily Caller released. And it didn’t even register with them at the time of release. It took nearly a week for people to look into those remarks. A week too late for it to matter. So Daily Caller had a great scoop right in their grasp and fumbled it away.

So fast forward to today. Daily Caller has another “scoop” on Obama. That he had more connections with Wright than previously admitted to and he wanted his radical buddies put into positions of power. Earth shattering news? More like old news. This isn’t new, either. It just fits Obama’s pattern since he’s been in public life.

And here’s the problem. Daily Caller advertises all of these scoops as explosive, when they are really just duds or bad reporting. I get that the goal is to generate hits for their site, but these dud “scoops” are just going to make conservatives less likely to link to them in the future.

And this brings me to Sean Hannity. Hannity, in many conservatives’ estimation, is a GOP talking point robot much like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. He has had this same pattern. Market a huge scoop so that people will turn into his radio show or his Fox News show – then when people do, it turns into a dud. So what pull does Hannity have with the grass roots? None. And Daily Caller is following this same lead.

Which is probably why Hannity was in on the the 2007 tape revelation along with Daily Caller.