Florida. Do I Need To Say More?

In the start of a new series on this blog.

Florida. Do I even need to say anything else? As I read once somewhere; everything evil either comes from Florida or Germany.

I love Rick Scott’s picture in this photo with the story. You know it’s intentional, especially given the content.

Here’s today’s face-palm moment, courtesy of Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who helpfully, unintentionally, and hysterically promoted the phone number for an adult hotline during a meeting of the Florida Cabinet yesterday, reports WSUF. He apparently got his digits mixed up when trying to direct Floridians to the hotline for information about the state’s recent meningitis outbreak. Callers who dialed the mistaken number were greeted by a sexy female voice saying, “Hello boys, thank you for calling me on my anniversary.”

Don’t even get me started on the Bay Area monkey. Who has been running wild for 3 years now. And is now, apparently, assaulting people in the park. Isn’t that wonderful? I also love the story here about this monkey. It’s now assaulted people and this news channel knows the lady who has been feeding it but, for some reason, didn’t bother to ask if she felt responsible for making it think people are now a viable food source? Good reporting, there.

Camille Paglia Reminds How Far Democrats Have Fallen

In a Salon interview, Camille Paglia reminds us how far Democrats have trotted off the reservation in their embrace of authoritarian policies that would put a smile on Chavez’s face.

She also offers some of the usual problems with Republicans, which I must confess, I have a problem with as well.  This in particular:

This Democratic administration has gone very deep into the weeds here in offering incentives to local police departments to acquire drones, which are a serious threat to our civil liberties and right to privacy — which liberals should be defending. We’re on our way toward a Big Brother society.

The fact that Republicans have embraced drones as well for domestic use is alarming, I must admit. I’d have hoped that, eventually, Republicans would embrace a Libertarian philosophy on these domestic issues, but I guess that road is longer than I thought. As I’ve said before, I’ve long believed that the perfect candidate is socially liberal, fiscally conservative. Social conservatism is just another way to let government control your actions and I think people should be free to make bad choices.

But at this point, Paglia pretty much launches into modern liberalism. I’ve been calling Democrats Socialists for years now; but I guess she’s chosen something more apt:

My third reason for going Green is the creeping totalitarianism of Obamacare,

I’m not sure if totalitarianism is the right word; authoritarian perhaps. Difference is negligible though. The idea is there – DC wants to control your life and wants to punish you when you disobey it. The catholic church is envious of such power.

If Democrats and their cohorts in the mainstream media had listened to me and begun criticizing the administration early on, there would have been ample time for a course correction and Obama would now be sailing into reelection.

I also tend to agree that if the media had been doing its job for the past 4 years, Obama would have had a better debate last week. He’d be hardened to tough criticism. But they’ve been soft and adaptable to worshiping him instead. Soviet Pravda would have thought their coverage of him was too soft.

And again, she launches into Obamacare.

The way liberals lay down flat to accept this massive, totalitarian takeover of the American medical system was shocking to me.

Do liberals forget that their movement started as a free speech an anti-war movement? “Don’t force us to go to war” (draft cards) has somehow evolved into “force us to buy stuff!” (Obamacare). If it weren’t for Republican stupidity and their inability to get over drug use, these people would be Republicans. They didn’t want the FBI/CIA poking into peoples’ private lives, but apparently the IRS doing so is just fine? Off the reservation, people. Way off.

I must tell you that the issue of personal freedom and resistance to a swollen totalitarian government has become primary on the Right.

And this is just a little bit sad, isn’t it? Liberals have decided they hate personal freedom and its consequences so they have to love totalitarian governments. This is probably why Obama congratulates Chavez on winning in Venezuela, while crapping on Israel.

Admittedly, she’s not voting for Romney. This is fine. I’m not really a Romney guy myself. I think he’s marginally better than Obama. He is the author of Romneycare, remember. Asshole. But he’s not a socialist. And Obama is. Romney 1 Obama 0.

Freedom to Succeed

This is a great video for the campaign season.

Thomas Peterffy grew up in socialist Hungary. Despite the fact that he could not speak English when he immigrated to the United States in 1956, Thomas fulfilled the American dream. With hard work and dedication, he started a business that today employs thousands of people. In the 1970s, Thomas bought a seat on the American Stock Exchange. He played a key role in developing the electronic trading of securities and is the founder of Interactive Brokers, an online discount brokerage firm with offices all over the world.

[embedplusvideo height="382" width="630" standard="http://www.youtube.com/v/UnX7TNFIELg?fs=1" vars="ytid=UnX7TNFIELg&width=630&height=382&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=" id="ep8915" /]

I know some people don’t believe that we are in a war between freedom and socialism in this country; but many on the right do. And the left, over these past 4 years, has not really done much to quell such fears. They’ve happily embraced every government intrusion that came long. Things unthinkable 10 years ago, are happily bandied about up DC. Liberals wanting to suppress free speech (in the name of blasphemy, naturally) is the next thing, of course.

And with the SCOTUS about to decide if we can sell our own property, the end game may be closer than one would imagine.

Mechwarrior Online: Closed Beta Impressions

When I was growing up, a friend and I were really big into a board game called Mechwarrior. Essentially, it pitted huge robots against each other until one side one. It was a lot like Dungeons and Dragons – in the sense that you rolled dice to see if your weapons hit, where they hit, etc. There was a strategic element, as well. The maps would have levels (hills, mountains, etc) so if you were higher up, you were more likely to hit the head of the opposing robot – which was lightly armored, making for an easy kill. I have to tell you, the game was really fun when you are a teenager and into numbers, statistics and slow paced fun.

Marauder Mech from Mechwarrior

Look at my two big guns! I’m totally not ripped off of Robotech!

I always enjoyed the Marauder mech, which was essentially a rip off of a Robotech mech. Or Robotech ripped it off, I have no idea. I don’t care. PPC’s I believe they were called. And it had a big gun on its head which was probably a laser or some kind. I don’t remember its exact stats, but I remember that it looked awesome. Essentially, Mechwarrior was for kids who outgrew Transformers but still enjoyed giant robots punching each other in the face (Mechwarrior had no real melee system, if memory serves, it’s just a joke!).

Well, they’ve brought this fun to the computer with Mechwarrior Online. I’ve played the closed beta for a while and I realized that the fun really doesn’t translate well these days. On the Commodore 64, I played Mechwarrior, which was essentially a game of infinite robot battles in the first person. Bad graphics and repetitive type fights but still fun. These days? I’m not so sure. Maybe because I’m older, but this newest incarnation of Mechwarrior seems a bit, um, lacking.

Here are some of my beefs with the game:

  • You are -severely- limited on your variants. You can’t make a “missile boat” and stack all your slots with missiles and ammunition. Some slots are designated energy or whatever. I get that this is a balance issue, but this isn’t very fun. While it’s probably done to limit the mechs on the field with like 6 LRM 20 packs blowing people apart at a distance; the real damage comes from your totally weird builds. For instance, what if I wanted 20 machine guns or something? While I’m totally ineffective at range, close in, I’d melt most other mechs within moments. No heat output, no shutdown, constant damage output. Just have to get close. That would make for some fun strategizing.
  • The constant fire lasers generate too much heat. In the board game, lasers would fire and that’s it. Next turn they are available again. In this game, if you hold down your mouse button the laser keeps firing, building up heat as you hold it down. I get that this makes sense in practice, but in game it’s very frustrating. Since it’s hard to see (in the mech builder) exactly how much heat your lasers generate, when you launch you can get some really bad news.
  • Macroing weapons is a bit unintuitive. The first time in, you are nearly clueless as how to separate your machine guns from your LRM’s. Messing around on the keyboard will eventually let you figure it out, but this process is in no way obvious. I get it’s beta and things will be explained, so this is really a minor grief.
  • The game needs something to do between battles and redoing your mechs. Something. I don’t know what it’d be, honestly. But a break in the action somehow. It gets a little boring going from fight to fight with no consequence to your actions.

Most of these complaints are rather small, I admit. And this game has a lot of potential. But, I think right now, it needs some tuning for it to be something that’ll last a long time in players’ minds.

Democrats Vs Big Bird

A lot of talk about Big Bird this week and people on all side of the aisle seem to agree that it’s a pretty silly topic, especially for a campaign that really needs to be about big issues and not Sesame Street.

Romney’s point in the 10/3 debate was, of course, that if you want to cut the budget, you have to look at the big things -and- the small things. There are cuts to be made everywhere. As is typical, liberals cannot have a serious discussion so they decide to reductio ad absurdum the entire topic with Obama claiming that Romney will stand up to Sesame Street but not Wall Street, or something. This hastily created ad is, of course, laughed at by everyone. Krauthammer, as usual, had the best comment on this:

“This could be the worst ad I’ve ever seen. I make an appeal to people in Chicago, run this ad every night over and over again, spend all of your money and time on this. This is an ad that is trivial, it diminishes the presidency. It assumes, of course, that everybody wants to subsidize a company that, as we heard from Shannon [Bream] is a third of a billion dollar enterprise,” Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer said on “Special Report” tonight.

And for Obama to be talking about it — I love the way he said this is the biggest driver of the debt. The biggest driver of our debt, according to Obama himself, is Medicare, he’s done nothing on that. And it was the same rip on Medicare that Romney mentioned PBS as the way to say we’re going to go from the biggest expenditures to the most trivial expenditures because we have to go after everything when we have a deficit this large. And just as an additional thing for anybody to run an ad that reminds people of the worst debate that any president has ever had, I think is a big mistake and I hope they just keep running it until the end of time.

If Romney/Ryan were smart, they’d segue way this into the idea that if liberals cannot fathom cutting a few million dollars from a company who both does not need it and should not get it, then how can you expect them to make the actually difficult cuts we need to make to start balancing the budget. This is a pure winner for Romney.

This could also be expanded into the greater context of corporate welfare and crony capitalism. Which, again, is a winner for Romney/Ryan as they attempt to close corporate loopholes that, for the most part, favor large companies over smaller ones. No one likes welfare, especially corporate welfare. And running against it (and, then, following through!) would be a huge boost for small businesses around this country.

For conservatives, they need to learn a lesson here as well. PBS doesn’t need public funding. It does just fine without it. And that’s the point. The only point. Take this lesson and apply it to groups you may be ideologically opposed to (Planned Parenthood) by making a purely fiscal debate, rather than getting bogged down into the social issue behind it. Planned Parenthood does fine without government funding. It has even said in the past it does not even need it. So oblige them. Make the point that this is not about the services they offer, but about the idea of funding a private business. If PP believes what it does is so wonderful and loved, surely it can exist in the free marketplace without funding? If it thinks that it’s low cost or free clinics are the best thing ever, surely it can find a way to keep them open without federal dollars.

The End of Freedom?

The same SCOTUS who thinks government can tell us what to buy; might now decide that government can tell us we cannot sell (via Instapundit) that which we bought.

You read that right. The government is about to decide if we need permission to sell stuff that we own.

The case stems from Supap Kirtsaeng’s college experience. A native of Thailand, Kirtsaeng came to America in 1997 to study at Cornell University. When he discovered that his textbooks, produced by Wiley, were substantially cheaper to buy in Thailand than they were in Ithaca, N.Y., he rallied his Thai relatives to buy the books and ship them to him in the United States.

He then sold them on eBay, making upward of $1.2 million, according to court documents.

If SCOTUS decides that we cannot sell what we own; then we really don’t own anything and we are just leasing items from the copyright holders.

To me, it’s amazing the basic stuff that we are fighting about every day right now; basic rights we’ve once assumed were obvious – are under assault from all directions. We have NYC wanting to impose blasphemy laws, liberals wanting to shut down free speech if it might offend someone, government thinking it can tell us what to purchase, and now possibly telling us what we can and cannot resell.

Scary times.

That New 2007 Obama Tape

I tend to agree with Instapundit here, that the tape is most interesting thing about the new version of the tape is that it simply shows how far in the tank the media is for Obama and how invested in his victory they really are. Multiple news outlets went to Twitter before it was even re-released, to knock it down. Objectivity is completely out the window. What’s worse though are people like Althouse, who claims to be undecided turning this thing into an anti-Romney thing. Really? Really?

From my perspective, the tape doesn’t show anything that you didn’t already know about Obama. He’s a socialist. We’ve known that. He wants government involved in every aspect of your life. We know that. If you like this way of thinking – and its inevitable conclusion – that’s entirely on you and you have to live with that. But the idea that Althouse would say “Oh this video turns me off of Republicans” is stupid. After she spent months in Wisconsin covering the unions up there, she’s going to vote for people who wanted Scott Walker murdered? That didn’t reflect badly enough, apparently.

How any even mildly right thinking person could vote for a democrat after their shameful exercise in Wisconsin is beyond me. Hell, how any person with a brain would vote democrat after is confounding.

Nick Gillespie of Reason chimes in too. All I have to say about Nick and the people at Reason Magazine is this. Go back to your 2008 endorsements. If you endorsed Obama or said you’d vote for him, you are what’s wrong. McCain or Palin were too “scary” or “stupid” so you voted and endorsed a socialist. Good job, there. And, for the record – considering the buffoon we have for VP now, we really dodged a bullet with that Sarah Palin chick, didn’t we? Hasn’t everything she said about Obama in 2008 been proven accurate?