I have to admit that I loved Inkmaster last year. While I loved Josh’s artwork, it was clear that Sean and Tommy were the best. And Sean, won. So I was happy to see that it came back for a second season.

I don’t have any tattoos myself (I think they are repulsive, in general), but the artwork that some of these people come up with is just amazing. I can’t imagine how they do it, especially since you cannot even see what you are doing sometimes, with the way ink spreads on top of the skin. It’s fascinating. So when I watch the judges complain that a line is a little shaky or whatever, I just say to myself, “That’s kind of nitpicky isn’t it?” But when fingers are missing, words misspelled or colors are all messed up; that’s what I can relate to.

So, I was watching the debut last night and it looks like they’ve upped the “drama” between the participants. This was something I was glad was missing last year. I hate reality shows and their fake drama laden fights. Just show me people doing their tattoos and I’m happy. That said, some of these people are real asshats. This guy, especially. I really hate people who purposefully try to stir up trouble with others. It seems kind of pointless to me.

I’m not a huge fan of the show letting the flash challenge winner pick skulls (tattoos) for everyone else; as it doesn’t create the best possible winner; it creates a game of strategy where mediocrity wins out over skill. I hope it’s something they get rid of as the 16 or so people is dwindled down.

Also looks like the host, Dave Navarro, has some new tattoos this year. Gone are those awful Batman symbols on his shoulders. I guess the ribbing he took on Twitter last year and on various sites made him drop that mess. Good for him. They were awful. It was like, “How can you judge tattoos, when you have these turds sitting all over your skin.”

That said, Jay Smith and Kay Kutta had the two best tattoos from that second premier episode. I love the colorful cartoony stuff that Jay did. And that peacock that Kutta did was really impressive – even though that guy is a douche, he does some sweet work so far. In the first premier episode, I thought the dude who made the bull had the best looking tattoo. Judges, however, picked a machine arm tattoo, which was also pretty impressive.

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