It looks like “free software” is becoming a little less free these days. I got a new computer earlier this year and just realized my favorite screenprint software wasn’t on it; so I went to download it last night. Well, bad news. It seems the download site here now attaches a little piece of adware to your install to cash in on your free download. There may have been a way to avoid it; but I don’t remember – it was late and who reads these things anyways?

Well, the adware in question forces you to use something called “claro-search” for lots of functions. It’ll hyperlink words on various websites for an advertisement, change your Firefox/Chrome search to Claro Search instead of Google or Bing or whatever. It’ll also reset your homepage to Claro Search. As if that weren’t annoying enough, it’ll also install a toolbar. Removal doesn’t seem to be difficult, just annoying.

To Remove Claro Search in Firefox, use these steps:

If you use the built in search function, click the down arrow and select “Manage Search Engines”. When the popup appears, select Claro Search and Click Remove.

Then, go to Tools->Add-ons and and look in your Extensions and Plugins tabs for Claro Toolbar and Claro Ads. Remove both of them.

Finally, go to your Windows Control Panel and find the Chrome Claro Toolbar and the Firefox one. Remove both.

Reload your browsers and you should be good to go. Also reset your homepage.

Guess that’s the last time I download anything from – unbelievable.

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