I tend to agree with Instapundit here, that the tape is most interesting thing about the new version of the tape is that it simply shows how far in the tank the media is for Obama and how invested in his victory they really are. Multiple news outlets went to Twitter before it was even re-released, to knock it down. Objectivity is completely out the window. What’s worse though are people like Althouse, who claims to be undecided turning this thing into an anti-Romney thing. Really? Really?

From my perspective, the tape doesn’t show anything that you didn’t already know about Obama. He’s a socialist. We’ve known that. He wants government involved in every aspect of your life. We know that. If you like this way of thinking – and its inevitable conclusion – that’s entirely on you and you have to live with that. But the idea that Althouse would say “Oh this video turns me off of Republicans” is stupid. After she spent months in Wisconsin covering the unions up there, she’s going to vote for people who wanted Scott Walker murdered? That didn’t reflect badly enough, apparently.

How any even mildly right thinking person could vote for a democrat after their shameful exercise in Wisconsin is beyond me. Hell, how any person with a brain would vote democrat after is confounding.

Nick Gillespie of Reason chimes in too. All I have to say about Nick and the people at Reason Magazine is this. Go back to your 2008 endorsements. If you endorsed Obama or said you’d vote for him, you are what’s wrong. McCain or Palin were too “scary” or “stupid” so you voted and endorsed a socialist. Good job, there. And, for the record – considering the buffoon we have for VP now, we really dodged a bullet with that Sarah Palin chick, didn’t we? Hasn’t everything she said about Obama in 2008 been proven accurate?