Casey the Cat. He died on a Wednesday

When I first met Casey, he was a loud annoying cat who wasn’t very friendly to anyone and had the smell of a sweaty old man. The more I got to know Casey, I realized that he wasn’t very friendly, but was loud and annoying and smelt like a sweaty old man. But he loved me and I loved Casey. He was a great cat. He died on a Wednesday.

A killer cat to be sure. Not many days would go by when he didn’t kill a lizard, a moth, a butterfly, a rabbit or a snake. He was our pest control service. He was also our pest. And we loved him. I don’t think he ever caught enough animals to satisfy him. Always one more that needed to be caught.

Over our years together, he had to go to the vet for many things: a snake bite to the foot, a wound in his other leg and, at in the end, cancer. He was a cat you’d think would have gotten his comeuppance in a fight with a neighborhood cat or maybe a snake that would finally get the best of him. But no, in the end, it was his own little body that failed him.

Never again, will he wake us up at 4 in the morning demanding to be petted or be fed. Never again will he bring a moth into the house, let it loose and meow proudly – as if laughing at our efforts to catch it. He’ll surely be missed. He could never get enough attention at night; while not wanting to be bothered during the day.

Casey wasn’t really a cat though. He was a dog in a former life and he’ll be a dog in the next one. Always dirty – bringing in mountains of dirt from his favorite hobby, rolling around under the sheds. Or hiding in boxes full of popcorn. If he wasn’t dirty when he came in, it was an unusual day. He’d scream at us when it rained; trying to blame us. He loved the dogs and always ran over to them to greet them when he came back inside.  Then cuddle up on the couch and eat sunflower seeds till he had enough.

On a Wednesday, he had enough. For a cat, a full life – finally at peace after his body let him down. For the wildlife in the yard; peace at least.

Godspeed, Casey.

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