This is a blog my me. I am a small business owner, running several ecommerce sites, as well as some content sites. Being a somewhat personal blog about owning a business, being online; this blog does not try to have perfect grammar and sentence structure. Frankly, I’m too lazy to care if I’m dangling a participle or if I start a sentence with And. Grammar teachers be warned. Did I misuse a word? The horror! Did I spell the “teh” instead. Blame the keyboard.

Don’t like something you read? Comment! I probably won’t answer but if it makes you feel better, knock yourself out.

Like something you read? Comment! I’ll definitely answer and lavish lots of praise upon you for seeing things my way! 

Offended by something you see here? Sucks to be you. Lots of other places to read pointless blather.

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  1. D2Boston on July 13, 2010 at 3:33 pm said:

    Lorien — I just spit my water out all over my desk having read your comment on HotAir relative to the Megyn Kelly/Kirsten Powers slugfest on FNC today. Hilarious!!! You may or may not have noticed that I was banned over there after a short tirade in response to the Mexican President’s comments before our Congress some weeks ago. It pains me not to be able to comment there anymore, but I remain a faithful reader, and as always LOVE reading your posts there or anywhere they may appear! Happy Summer to you…

  2. Just read this at HotAir.com

    I’ll put that right behind: Never visit cleveland. As someone once said, the only things you can do in cleveland are masturbate and cry.

    HEH! Dude, you’re too much. :lol:

  3. Sam Peters on June 13, 2012 at 3:05 pm said:


    I’d like know if you accept articles from guest writers on lorien1973.com?

    I write unique, high-quality and informative articles that relate to many of the topics you blog about. I can show you some samples of my published articles if needed.

    I’d be willing send you payment via PayPal for each article you publish for me.

    If you are interested in receiving a paid article we can discuss the details of compensation further.

    Also, I’d like to know if you manage any other sites?

    I work on a variety of link building projects and will be able to offer you more opportunities if you manage many sites.

    Thanks for considering this request and I hope to hear back shortly.


  4. Saw your comment on HotAir.com about “GLORIOUS! Did you see that enemy over there!” Here’s a mind bender for ya, I work at the Texas bank that’s challenging Dodd-Frank, and that quote is from the Templar follower in Diablo III. Small world. Stay awhile, and listen!

  5. Also, please don’t mention it on HotAir, as that article is being passed around here at the bank. I just want to keep a low profile and stay off the radar!

  6. Jackie on June 2, 2013 at 12:08 pm said:

    I have enjoyed your blog. The way you think is mostly delightful and I loved the story of your cat. I am sorry he died. Please send that story to CareTo.

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