First we have this ad from Obama yesterday:

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Which very closely reflects Putin’s ad a few years prior. Although, I must admit that – at least – Putin had the taste to put attractive women in his ad. So point Putin, I guess.

Now, Obama has decided to up the ante and channel Mao in putting a dunce cap on Romney.

And Obama’s version:

And, as we all know Obama’s “Forward” campaign theme is a popular one among socialists around the world. So I guess it shouldn’t surprise you where we are at with about ten days to go until election.

Vote accordingly.

Look, I don’t want to be the one to tell you this; but Aqua-man is pretty pissed at people saying that he sucks all the time.

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Aquaman has been preemptively attacking us land-lovers with sharks. This is gettin’ real now, folks.

Bear in mind, this course is about three miles from the ocean. You know what that means: HOLY CRAP, SHARKS ARE FLYING NOW! THE END TIMES ARE NIGH

Even normally even-keeled reporters are scared. Aqua-man has lifted his mighty hand (the one he has left, I guess) and hurled a shark upon us. Maybe this is simply payback for us blowing up a whale a few years ago, maybe it’s a the first prong in a multistage assault on the surface dwellers. Either way, I’m preparing to bow before our Atlantean Overlords.

Casey the Cat. He died on a Wednesday

When I first met Casey, he was a loud annoying cat who wasn’t very friendly to anyone and had the smell of a sweaty old man. The more I got to know Casey, I realized that he wasn’t very friendly, but was loud and annoying and smelt like a sweaty old man. But he loved me and I loved Casey. He was a great cat. He died on a Wednesday.

A killer cat to be sure. Not many days would go by when he didn’t kill a lizard, a moth, a butterfly, a rabbit or a snake. He was our pest control service. He was also our pest. And we loved him. I don’t think he ever caught enough animals to satisfy him. Always one more that needed to be caught.

Over our years together, he had to go to the vet for many things: a snake bite to the foot, a wound in his other leg and, at in the end, cancer. He was a cat you’d think would have gotten his comeuppance in a fight with a neighborhood cat or maybe a snake that would finally get the best of him. But no, in the end, it was his own little body that failed him.

Never again, will he wake us up at 4 in the morning demanding to be petted or be fed. Never again will he bring a moth into the house, let it loose and meow proudly – as if laughing at our efforts to catch it. He’ll surely be missed. He could never get enough attention at night; while not wanting to be bothered during the day.

Casey wasn’t really a cat though. He was a dog in a former life and he’ll be a dog in the next one. Always dirty – bringing in mountains of dirt from his favorite hobby, rolling around under the sheds. Or hiding in boxes full of popcorn. If he wasn’t dirty when he came in, it was an unusual day. He’d scream at us when it rained; trying to blame us. He loved the dogs and always ran over to them to greet them when he came back inside.  Then cuddle up on the couch and eat sunflower seeds till he had enough.

On a Wednesday, he had enough. For a cat, a full life – finally at peace after his body let him down. For the wildlife in the yard; peace at least.

Godspeed, Casey.

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I think it’s come time to call a spade a spade. The Daily Caller is awful. It’s almost as bad as listening or watching to Sean Hannity on a regular basis. And believe me, it pains to me to say this, as both are ideologically inline with me. But let me explain.

Back on 10/2/2012, Daily Caller promised a huge expose on Obama from a tape they had acquired. It’d be huge – red headlined on the Drudge Report and everything. So it drops later that night and it turns out to be an unedited tape from a known 2007 speech Obama had given. Daily Caller made the decision to highlight certain aspects of the speech – the accent he uses and acknowledging his connections to Reverend Wright. Because of this, the tape was widely ignored (and panned, even in much of conservative circles) as nothing new – which it wasn’t. Well, it wasn’t new for what Daily Caller had highlighted.

But they completely ignored the blow out point of this video – the part which hadn’t been seen elsewhere. And that was Obama’s railing against the Federal Government’s supposed decision to not waive the Stafford Act after Hurricane Katrina. He was reinforcing Kanye West’s point that Bush doesn’t care about black people – in an attempt to forment rage at Bush. In fact, the Stafford Act had been waived. And Obama had voted against this measure.

As Thomas Sowell writes:

Because, less than two weeks earlier, on May 24, 2007, the United States Senate had in fact voted 80-14 to waive the Stafford Act requirement for New Orleans, as it had waived that requirement for New York and Florida. More federal money was spent rebuilding New Orleans than was spent in New York after 9/11 and in Florida after hurricane Andrew, combined.

Unlike Jeremiah Wright’s church, the U.S. Senate keeps a record of who was there on a given day. The Congressional Record for May 24, 2007 shows Senator Barack Obama present that day and voting on the bill that waived the Stafford Act requirement. Moreover, he was one of just 14 Senators who voted against — repeat, AGAINST — the legislation which included the waiver.

So. Obama both knew that the act had been waived. And he had voted against the waiver. So, he was lying to his audience to stir them up.

This was the only real news from the tape that the Daily Caller released. And it didn’t even register with them at the time of release. It took nearly a week for people to look into those remarks. A week too late for it to matter. So Daily Caller had a great scoop right in their grasp and fumbled it away.

So fast forward to today. Daily Caller has another “scoop” on Obama. That he had more connections with Wright than previously admitted to and he wanted his radical buddies put into positions of power. Earth shattering news? More like old news. This isn’t new, either. It just fits Obama’s pattern since he’s been in public life.

And here’s the problem. Daily Caller advertises all of these scoops as explosive, when they are really just duds or bad reporting. I get that the goal is to generate hits for their site, but these dud “scoops” are just going to make conservatives less likely to link to them in the future.

And this brings me to Sean Hannity. Hannity, in many conservatives’ estimation, is a GOP talking point robot much like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. He has had this same pattern. Market a huge scoop so that people will turn into his radio show or his Fox News show – then when people do, it turns into a dud. So what pull does Hannity have with the grass roots? None. And Daily Caller is following this same lead.

Which is probably why Hannity was in on the the 2007 tape revelation along with Daily Caller.

Do you ever think back to your childhood? Did you ever own He-Man toys? Do you remember what He-Man was?

He was a “superhero” (I guess) who fought bad guys on his planet. His main thing was that he was bulging with muscles, carried a sword and dressed in a loin cloth. You know, the kind of thing that is pretty normal in your average pron movie these days. Anyways; He-Man had this toy line where you could buy all the heroes and villains. The odd thing was that every toy had the exact same body (except the women, of course) – they were super muscular. And I mean SUPER muscular. They were flexed like body builders and their faces made them look like they were about to crap their pants.

So anyways, while the bodies were the same (only colored differently, diffeent accessories, etc), the heads were different. And the heads were squishy cuz they were cheap rubber placed onto the premolded body. The heads sometimes didn’t really match well with the body – coloring, etc. Which made it funny to play with these things.

The women had the same problem. They all had the same body and even the heads were remarkably identical. It was silly. But given there were like four females (and who wanted girl He-Man toys?) who cared. Everyone wanted to play with the real stars of the show.

So today. I’m reading the news and I see this picture and immediately say to myself, “I have the power!”

Someone has placed the wrong head on this poor guy’s body.

I have to admit that I loved Inkmaster last year. While I loved Josh’s artwork, it was clear that Sean and Tommy were the best. And Sean, won. So I was happy to see that it came back for a second season.

I don’t have any tattoos myself (I think they are repulsive, in general), but the artwork that some of these people come up with is just amazing. I can’t imagine how they do it, especially since you cannot even see what you are doing sometimes, with the way ink spreads on top of the skin. It’s fascinating. So when I watch the judges complain that a line is a little shaky or whatever, I just say to myself, “That’s kind of nitpicky isn’t it?” But when fingers are missing, words misspelled or colors are all messed up; that’s what I can relate to.

So, I was watching the debut last night and it looks like they’ve upped the “drama” between the participants. This was something I was glad was missing last year. I hate reality shows and their fake drama laden fights. Just show me people doing their tattoos and I’m happy. That said, some of these people are real asshats. This guy, especially. I really hate people who purposefully try to stir up trouble with others. It seems kind of pointless to me.

I’m not a huge fan of the show letting the flash challenge winner pick skulls (tattoos) for everyone else; as it doesn’t create the best possible winner; it creates a game of strategy where mediocrity wins out over skill. I hope it’s something they get rid of as the 16 or so people is dwindled down.

Also looks like the host, Dave Navarro, has some new tattoos this year. Gone are those awful Batman symbols on his shoulders. I guess the ribbing he took on Twitter last year and on various sites made him drop that mess. Good for him. They were awful. It was like, “How can you judge tattoos, when you have these turds sitting all over your skin.”

That said, Jay Smith and Kay Kutta had the two best tattoos from that second premier episode. I love the colorful cartoony stuff that Jay did. And that peacock that Kutta did was really impressive – even though that guy is a douche, he does some sweet work so far. In the first premier episode, I thought the dude who made the bull had the best looking tattoo. Judges, however, picked a machine arm tattoo, which was also pretty impressive.

In the start of a new series on this blog.

Florida. Do I even need to say anything else? As I read once somewhere; everything evil either comes from Florida or Germany.

I love Rick Scott’s picture in this photo with the story. You know it’s intentional, especially given the content.

Here’s today’s face-palm moment, courtesy of Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who helpfully, unintentionally, and hysterically promoted the phone number for an adult hotline during a meeting of the Florida Cabinet yesterday, reports WSUF. He apparently got his digits mixed up when trying to direct Floridians to the hotline for information about the state’s recent meningitis outbreak. Callers who dialed the mistaken number were greeted by a sexy female voice saying, “Hello boys, thank you for calling me on my anniversary.”

Don’t even get me started on the Bay Area monkey. Who has been running wild for 3 years now. And is now, apparently, assaulting people in the park. Isn’t that wonderful? I also love the story here about this monkey. It’s now assaulted people and this news channel knows the lady who has been feeding it but, for some reason, didn’t bother to ask if she felt responsible for making it think people are now a viable food source? Good reporting, there.

In a Salon interview, Camille Paglia reminds us how far Democrats have trotted off the reservation in their embrace of authoritarian policies that would put a smile on Chavez’s face.

She also offers some of the usual problems with Republicans, which I must confess, I have a problem with as well.  This in particular:

This Democratic administration has gone very deep into the weeds here in offering incentives to local police departments to acquire drones, which are a serious threat to our civil liberties and right to privacy — which liberals should be defending. We’re on our way toward a Big Brother society.

The fact that Republicans have embraced drones as well for domestic use is alarming, I must admit. I’d have hoped that, eventually, Republicans would embrace a Libertarian philosophy on these domestic issues, but I guess that road is longer than I thought. As I’ve said before, I’ve long believed that the perfect candidate is socially liberal, fiscally conservative. Social conservatism is just another way to let government control your actions and I think people should be free to make bad choices.

But at this point, Paglia pretty much launches into modern liberalism. I’ve been calling Democrats Socialists for years now; but I guess she’s chosen something more apt:

My third reason for going Green is the creeping totalitarianism of Obamacare,

I’m not sure if totalitarianism is the right word; authoritarian perhaps. Difference is negligible though. The idea is there – DC wants to control your life and wants to punish you when you disobey it. The catholic church is envious of such power.

If Democrats and their cohorts in the mainstream media had listened to me and begun criticizing the administration early on, there would have been ample time for a course correction and Obama would now be sailing into reelection.

I also tend to agree that if the media had been doing its job for the past 4 years, Obama would have had a better debate last week. He’d be hardened to tough criticism. But they’ve been soft and adaptable to worshiping him instead. Soviet Pravda would have thought their coverage of him was too soft.

And again, she launches into Obamacare.

The way liberals lay down flat to accept this massive, totalitarian takeover of the American medical system was shocking to me.

Do liberals forget that their movement started as a free speech an anti-war movement? “Don’t force us to go to war” (draft cards) has somehow evolved into “force us to buy stuff!” (Obamacare). If it weren’t for Republican stupidity and their inability to get over drug use, these people would be Republicans. They didn’t want the FBI/CIA poking into peoples’ private lives, but apparently the IRS doing so is just fine? Off the reservation, people. Way off.

I must tell you that the issue of personal freedom and resistance to a swollen totalitarian government has become primary on the Right.

And this is just a little bit sad, isn’t it? Liberals have decided they hate personal freedom and its consequences so they have to love totalitarian governments. This is probably why Obama congratulates Chavez on winning in Venezuela, while crapping on Israel.

Admittedly, she’s not voting for Romney. This is fine. I’m not really a Romney guy myself. I think he’s marginally better than Obama. He is the author of Romneycare, remember. Asshole. But he’s not a socialist. And Obama is. Romney 1 Obama 0.

This is a great video for the campaign season.

Thomas Peterffy grew up in socialist Hungary. Despite the fact that he could not speak English when he immigrated to the United States in 1956, Thomas fulfilled the American dream. With hard work and dedication, he started a business that today employs thousands of people. In the 1970s, Thomas bought a seat on the American Stock Exchange. He played a key role in developing the electronic trading of securities and is the founder of Interactive Brokers, an online discount brokerage firm with offices all over the world.

[embedplusvideo height="382" width="630" standard="" vars="ytid=UnX7TNFIELg&width=630&height=382&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=" id="ep8915" /]

I know some people don’t believe that we are in a war between freedom and socialism in this country; but many on the right do. And the left, over these past 4 years, has not really done much to quell such fears. They’ve happily embraced every government intrusion that came long. Things unthinkable 10 years ago, are happily bandied about up DC. Liberals wanting to suppress free speech (in the name of blasphemy, naturally) is the next thing, of course.

And with the SCOTUS about to decide if we can sell our own property, the end game may be closer than one would imagine.

When I was growing up, a friend and I were really big into a board game called Mechwarrior. Essentially, it pitted huge robots against each other until one side one. It was a lot like Dungeons and Dragons – in the sense that you rolled dice to see if your weapons hit, where they hit, etc. There was a strategic element, as well. The maps would have levels (hills, mountains, etc) so if you were higher up, you were more likely to hit the head of the opposing robot – which was lightly armored, making for an easy kill. I have to tell you, the game was really fun when you are a teenager and into numbers, statistics and slow paced fun.

Marauder Mech from Mechwarrior

Look at my two big guns! I’m totally not ripped off of Robotech!

I always enjoyed the Marauder mech, which was essentially a rip off of a Robotech mech. Or Robotech ripped it off, I have no idea. I don’t care. PPC’s I believe they were called. And it had a big gun on its head which was probably a laser or some kind. I don’t remember its exact stats, but I remember that it looked awesome. Essentially, Mechwarrior was for kids who outgrew Transformers but still enjoyed giant robots punching each other in the face (Mechwarrior had no real melee system, if memory serves, it’s just a joke!).

Well, they’ve brought this fun to the computer with Mechwarrior Online. I’ve played the closed beta for a while and I realized that the fun really doesn’t translate well these days. On the Commodore 64, I played Mechwarrior, which was essentially a game of infinite robot battles in the first person. Bad graphics and repetitive type fights but still fun. These days? I’m not so sure. Maybe because I’m older, but this newest incarnation of Mechwarrior seems a bit, um, lacking.

Here are some of my beefs with the game:

  • You are -severely- limited on your variants. You can’t make a “missile boat” and stack all your slots with missiles and ammunition. Some slots are designated energy or whatever. I get that this is a balance issue, but this isn’t very fun. While it’s probably done to limit the mechs on the field with like 6 LRM 20 packs blowing people apart at a distance; the real damage comes from your totally weird builds. For instance, what if I wanted 20 machine guns or something? While I’m totally ineffective at range, close in, I’d melt most other mechs within moments. No heat output, no shutdown, constant damage output. Just have to get close. That would make for some fun strategizing.
  • The constant fire lasers generate too much heat. In the board game, lasers would fire and that’s it. Next turn they are available again. In this game, if you hold down your mouse button the laser keeps firing, building up heat as you hold it down. I get that this makes sense in practice, but in game it’s very frustrating. Since it’s hard to see (in the mech builder) exactly how much heat your lasers generate, when you launch you can get some really bad news.
  • Macroing weapons is a bit unintuitive. The first time in, you are nearly clueless as how to separate your machine guns from your LRM’s. Messing around on the keyboard will eventually let you figure it out, but this process is in no way obvious. I get it’s beta and things will be explained, so this is really a minor grief.
  • The game needs something to do between battles and redoing your mechs. Something. I don’t know what it’d be, honestly. But a break in the action somehow. It gets a little boring going from fight to fight with no consequence to your actions.

Most of these complaints are rather small, I admit. And this game has a lot of potential. But, I think right now, it needs some tuning for it to be something that’ll last a long time in players’ minds.