As I spend an evening wandering through the forests in Skyrim, I am beset upon by a bear who is readily dispatched and looted.

My goal tonight is to get up to Winterhold. So I head north in that general direction.

Ooo look. Flowers to pick. Over there, that tree trunk I see some nightshade! I think I remember only having 138 of them in my alchemist satchel in Whiterun. Can’t have too many. Pluck. Pluck. Pluck.

Why am I dying? Look more flowers. Oh. Too late, I’m dead.

Oh, another bear killed me.


Where were those nightshade again? Where is that bear?

Pluck. Pluck. Pluck. Where’s that damn bear. Ooo look, a beehive. Dammit. He killed me again.


3 nightshade plucked. (saves game – that’ll teach that bear!). Where is that bear? Here it is. Not anymore!

Ah, the beehive. With a bee in it? Sweet! Now to catch all the bees. Finally. Moving on.

Ooo nice. A cave. Tolvald’s cave. Sounds fun! Falmers? They look awesome. I love these guys. *dead*

You know, for blind guys, these guys sure hide well. Glow mushrooms? Pluck. Pluck. Pluck.

Eggs everywhere? Awesome! Pluck. Pluck. Pluck.

Killing these guys is pretty fun. But. Geesh lots of eggs and mushrooms down here. Chests look weird too. I’m glad I got that level 70 lockpicking perk, though. The loot in these chests is pretty good. Wonder if it’s the perk or if it’s just random chance?

This place looks awesome; too bad I’m spending all my time looking at the floor for mushrooms and eggs, while on the look out for mushrooms on the wall. Bet this place looks sweet if I spent time not looking for mushrooms.

Ooo, look. Some dead humans here. With a skill book. Looks like they were doing some experiments on falmurs? But the book says they were just trying to escape. Weird. Oh well. Ooo, a mushroom by that corpse!

This place is pretty long; wasn’t really into an hour dungeon at 1 am in the morning. Ooo, look more mushrooms and eggs!

Finally, looks like the last fight, cuz this mage asshole keeps using his barrier to deflect all my shots. All that for an elven dagger? Oh, and 139 glowing mushrooms, a skillbook, a spell, and 103 eggs from those worm things.

Finally, outside the cave again. What did I want to do again this evening? Oh, it’s 3 am.

Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Skyrim was released on 11/11 and I think it is probably one of the most monumental achievements in video games that I’ve ever seen. I mean, look at these screenshots. And look at this hilarious head shot.

The game has enough content for like 5 normal games. Some of the dungeons are adventures in themselves. I found a dungeon the other day, where a necromancer was trying to raise her dead husband and summoned undead along my path, till I got to her and killed her. And then they were together again anyways. Which was sweet; in a weird kind of way.

It’s cool how the major factions (Stormcloaks and Imperials) both have their downsides and upsides. They are complex – it seems, so that your decision to eventually join either one isn’t an easy one. Some games of this nature make it easy to pick a side based upon perks you get.

It’s the little things that the game does that make it excellent though. A little “cleared” notice by dungeons you’ve found and defeated, so you never wonder “Hey, did I do that already? Or just wander by it?” The brief encounters with people that serve no real purpose but to add flavor. It’s good stuff all around.

Sure, it has its bugs – but it’s part of the charm. Corpses disappear. You get stuck in environments. Some things lack “weight” and are too easy to push around, etc.

Overall, it has to be one of the most perfect games ever created. It’s almost too much content. It’s nearly overwhelming how much stuff there is to do. I’m working a destruction mage. Leveling alchemy and conjuration as well, primarily. And some lockpicking as well (just so I get the extra gold/items perk).

Some quick takes on the game:

Coolest dragon fight: One at Falkreath. The dragon was attacking the town. I wasn’t its main target, but it was going from rooftop to rooftop breathing fire on people. Looked fantastic watching him take off one building, and land on another to breathe fire down. That was incredibly well done.

Least cool dragon fight: One on a mountain top, where I kill the dragon in midair, he flies down to the ground to and and his corpse is buried somewhere underground – unlootable for eternity. Caused a huge framerate issue in the game as it was probably trying to figure out where to put the corpse. Its “landing trench” is there, but no corpse at the end. Weird.

Coolest shout: Aura. Lets you see the life forces of people around you. Fantastic in dungeons. I’m Batman! With fireballs!

Worst shout: Animal friendship. Yay? I’m not Snow White. I guess it’d make gathering up critters for a mass Fire Breath slaughter a bit easier. Sounds like fun actually, I might have to do that.

Encumbrance is my enemy. 300 weight is simply not enough when you are a pack rat like myself.