So if you are starting Firelands in World of Warcraft, you’re first boss will inevitably be Shannox. He spawns after killing¬† a lot of trash near the entrance. He seems to do so after 20-30 mobs being killed (groups counting as a single mob).

So, he seems a little challenging at first, but this fight is basically a tank kiting exercise. Here is your very simple strategy.

DPS – don’t stand in traps that are thrown in the ground (duh!). Don’t stand in fire (duh!)

Main tank on Shannox. Face him away from the raid.

No tank on Rageface. Burn him down as quickly as possible.¬† He’ll just run around the group like a meth addict and do a little damage to people. Put him over immolation traps (not the crystal prism traps!) to speed this up. Boss will get a minor buff here, but that predictable damage on the main tank is easier to heal than unpredictable raid damage.

Off tank on Riplimb. Move Riplimb like 30-40 yards away from Shannox. You’re job is fun and it’s bugged to make it very simple. Watch your DBM timer (or not) and wait for the hurl spear ability to be like 3 seconds away. Maneuver Riplimb by a crystal trap and he’ll get frozen. Immediately, run as far away from the encounter as you can. Riplimb will eventually become unfrozen. He’ll chase you down (even if there is a hurled spear on the ground) to get 1 last hit on you before retrieving it. If you get the geometry, make a triangle between you and the boss and the spear. This is his longest path. It’s very easy to accomplish. Done properly, the main tanks debuff stacks should never hit 4. And you’re stacks will never pass 5 or 6. Hunter frost traps or any other slowing effect will, of course, make this a lot simpler.

Get Shannox to 35% or so. Burn Riplimb down – kite him over immolation traps to speed this up. Burn Shannox.

Basic. Not a lot of healing if done properly. It basically tests the ability of your two tanks to work in coordination. And of your DPS not to stand in shit- but this is the same in every fight.

The fight is conceivably done with 1 tank and a good kiter. But 2 tanks is probably optimal for most groups.