Just saw this at Cracked today and thought most of it was pretty good.

However, something stood out to me. Particularly #3.

There are a couple theories floating around here. One is that the younger brother is a mental fiction created by Elijah Wood’s narrator to cope with the abuse–it’s notable that no one except the narrator’s family interacts with the younger brother. Another theory (which even Roger Ebert suggested) is that the younger brother plummets to his death or is beaten to death by his stepfather.

I love this movie and I always assumed the child died when he rolled his radio flyer down the hill.¬† It’s the only way to explain the comment near the end “Now do you understand what I mean about history being in the mind of the teller?”

If the older brother, who lived, invented this memory to cover up his brothers’ death and sent cards home to try and make his mother feel better – the story is very touching, albeit very depressing as well. I think Hanks’ comment near the end makes it apparent that the younger brother died. I’m not sure how it could be read any other way. It would make no sense, in the sense of the story, that the younger brother is flying all over the world – for real. He’s dead. The older brother is just rationalizing what he’s done.

So I’m not sure I’d call this a conspiracy. More like the unspoken part of the script.

And #6, I thought “James Bond” being a code name was pretty apparent as well. Given the number of people who’ve played him over the years, it seems that¬† 007 is his rank. In one Bond (View to a Kill, I believe), we have a 009 (who is killed), and others with 003′s (multiple 003′s are killed, I believe). And what not. So 007 is rank, James Bond is the code name of the Agent. In Casino Royale, I do not believe he is called “James Bond” until he gets promoted from 006 to 007.

It’d be smart to keep the name “James Bond” going from agent to agent. That way, if you know James Bond is after you, you’re screwed. Then again, why do the villains keep toying with him and not kill him immediately if they know who he is – the best British agent.