Apparently, today, Obama said this:

‘UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems’

As argument for his ObamaCare plan. For the plan. Not against it.

Can I reword this a little bit?

We’ve successfully screwed up running a service that 100% of the country uses. We’ve totally screwed it up so bad, that, in fact, it’s nearly bankrupt. So, can we run the healthcare industry? Yes we can!

I mean. Really. His argument is that they can’t run the post office, which everyone is practically forced to use, but they can run 15% of the economy? Really. Really?

It’s a joke. The guy has to be stupid.


So the left is engaging in projection, accusing republicans of astroturfing – all the while demanding that leftists astroturf to help pass healthcare reform.

Obama sent out an email asking people to hold up signs thanking congressmen for trying to pass a bill. Here is your alternate sign to hold up to those congressmen.

Enjoy, ya fishy bastards.

UPDATE: By demand. Since it’s generally acknowledged that Obama’s reform is going to hurt the elderly the most – by making treatments harder to access. Here is the real message that Obama should send out.

Following up on the success with the Cash for Clunkers program; The Obama Administration today announced a new program – to be passed after the August Recess – called Cash For Grannies.

The idea is to get rid of all the Grannies that are polluting our planet and replace them with new, more efficient voters that don’t require so much healthcare expenditures. People who turn in their grannies to Washington will receive a free Public Option to the Universal Healthcare Bill. As with the Cash for Clunkers program, you’re free Public Option Insurance will be paid for by people who are not enrolled on the Public Option – so there is no cost to anyone who turns in their granny.

Obama said, “This will help us lower our costs. First off, we will no longer need to provide healthcare to grannies, that probably wouldn’t prolong their lives anyways. Plus, the newer younger people are more efficient and are less harmful to the environment. Rest assured that all turned in grannies will be properly disposed of.”

When asked about the Cash for Clunkers cash shortfall, and if that’d affect how Cash for Grannies was implemented, Obama simply said, “Trust me.” There was no need for a follow-up question.

Critics of the program – who are probably racist – said this program would be harmful to the elderly and would not be able to improve coverage or decrease costs. Obviously, they are lying. As Obama said, “Yes, it will.” There was no need for a follow-up question.