Does anyone remember the show on Fox “Married with Children” – it’s on reruns all the time.

I think it’s a perfect metaphor for how this government treats tax payers.

Think about it.

Al Bundy. That’s the taxpayers. Working for a living. Not necessarily liking our jobs, but doing them so we can get by.

Peg Bundy. Al’s wife. She’s the government. Sitting there, doing nothing productive. Complains that Al’s job isn’t good enough. She spends money that Al doesn’t have and then complains that he doesn’t make enough money, so she can’t buy everything she wishes she had.

The kids. They are the looters. They take money from Al, through Peg. They are welfare recipients, people who won’t get a job. They take Al’s hard work away from him, then laugh at the job he has and that he even has a job. While they live it up – going to concerts, games, etc.

Al has his memories of a time, in his youth, when he was younger and a football star and he had ambitions. Then he settles down with Peg (government) and gets married to it, has children (all of them hate him) and is essentially, a servant to their whims. Anything he wants or needs is ridiculed and he never gets it. He’s always the hapless loser. Peg (government) wins. The kids (looters) win. Al (tax payer) always loses.

There was an episode where Al won $10,000 in a contest and so he wonders what he could do with that $10,000. He though of nudey bars – of course. His wife took him to task saying that she could spend the money better on something -she- wanted (kind of like how government treats us). In the end, Al loses the money but Peg still bought what she wanted. Al ends up further in debt. Peg laughs at Al as he ponders his miserable life and how to work his way out of the extra debt. Sound familiar?

Here are some quotes from the show. Put them in the context provided and see how spot on the show really is:

Al: Aren’t you forgetting something, coolest Dad in the world?
Bud: Best Dad in the universe.
Peggy: You who makes my life worth living.
Al: You all want your Christmas presents, don’t ya?
Peggy: [sarcastic] No, we really love you.

Al: Peg, that money you found and spent was a car fund that I put aside a long, long time ago.
[Peggy shrugs with indifference]
Al: Peg, how could you steal and spend $4,200?
Peggy: Well, you remember when you used to yell at me because there wasn’t any juice in the house? Well, I took some of that money and bought you juice… and a fur coat for me. And then when you demanded dinner? Well, I took more money and bought you a bucket of fried chicken… and a fur coat for Mom. And the rest of it, well… I spend it foolishly.
Al: Honey, could you come out in the back yard with me? I have the urge to bury something else.
Peggy: You are really mad about this? You know, if anyone should be mad, it’s me. You’re the one that’s hiding money from me.
Al: You would have squandered it all for yourself.
Peggy: Of course I would! So, why are you acting so suprised?

Watch this show in reruns on cable and imagine the context of this post. And see how similar it is to how government functions. And weep for Al. When you do, you’ll be weeping for yourself.

At the G-20 meetings in London, governments of the world came together and decided that:

Sanctions for non–cooperative tax havens and tougher world–wide financial regulations.

In theory, you could say that this makes sense. Companies are avoiding taxes by putting their businesses in low tax countries.

But in reality, wouldn’t it make sense to lower your own taxes and encourage companies to invest in your country, rather than punish them for going someplace else that is more favorable? This wrong headed thinking that “low tax havens” are bad is what is wrong with this planet’s leadership.

Maybe, just maybe, it exposes the larger problem – too high of taxes, too much regulation is the root of the problem. And that further regulation on the world marketplace isn’t exactly the correct solution here.