Someone has noticed that the Feds aren’t keeping any eye on the TARP funds too well.

“We do not seem to be a priority for the Treasury Department,” the Congressional Oversight Panel’s Elizabeth Warren told a Senate Finance Committee hearing today.

I’m not really too worried about it, though. It’s not like a ton of money has been taken up by TARP. Or that the Feds are risking our entire economy and future on these bailout packges. If that were the case, I might just be worried.


The U.S. government and the Federal Reserve have spent, lent or guaranteed $12.8 trillion, an amount that approaches the value of everything produced in the country last year, to stem the longest recession since the 1930s.

Oh shit.

I admit it. I watch CSI constantly. In reruns usually on Spike or A&E or where-ever it’s on, but I’ve noticed lately that CSI thinks I’m retarded.

I first noticed it with CSI: Miami; but now I’ve noticed with CSI: NY as well. The main CSI show, not so much – yet.

How do they think me stupid?

One of the characters will say something like, “The hair fell in the shoe while he was leaning over it.”

And then we flashback to a guy leaning over a shoe with a piece of hair falling into the shoe.

Wow! Before they showed me that; I couldn’t have grasped the concept of how that was possible. Thanks, CSI!

Or they’ll say, “she fell on the bike and hit her head.”

Cue the flashback of the chick falling on the bike and hitting her head.

Wow! Again! Without the flashback, I might not have figured out what they were trying to tell me there.

I used to think CSI was good cuz it made you think; but lately it seems like they’ve given up on that and are now just catering to morons.

While I like CSI: Miami quite a bit (the schtick of Horatio is a hoot – the glasses, the one liners – I love it all), but the totally unrealistic technology they have in the lab is dumb. If any taxpayer funded agency has touch screen hologram computers for basic “Search” functions, I demand a tax refund. It’s superfluous and silly.

This is me, ending a blog post.

Cue the flashback of me clicking “save and publish”

Obama vows to cut red tape on Katrina.

Obama vows to cut red tape on Veteran’s Care.

Obama vows to cut red tape on renewable energy.

Obama vows to cut red tape on broadband.

Obama vows to cut red tape on communities.

Obama vows to cut red tape on auto makers.

Obama vows to cut red tape on mortgages.

Obama vows to cut red tape on faith based initiatives.

Obama vows to cut red tape on homeless care.

So the question to ask is: Who puts in the “red tape” ?

Government right? They make things difficult, which hampers the markets and exacerbate the problems they are trying to fix.

If cutting the red tape is good (ie getting government out of the way).

Then why is Obama and DC pushing for more government involvement in everything?

Maybe it’s just narcissism. The belief that red tape is good, as long as it doesn’t hamper me. Seems to be the same argument for taxes. They are good; until I have to pay them.

With the budget deficity widening, New York is considering a tax increase on incomes.

“We are right now on the verge of cuts and service reductions that I would have to describe as life threatening,” Paterson said. “With situations like that, everything is on the table,” he said in response to a question about increasing the state’s income tax for high earners.

To which, the logical response would be, “define life threatening” – to your career?