Inevitably, the question of Palin’s experience is going to come up in the Vice Presidential debate. Democrats have been hitting this hard in the media.

After the events of the past week, the debate is the perfect time to turn this back on the press and on Biden, himself.

When asked if she thinks she is ready to become President, here is an answer that will probably not win her any points in the press, but the country at large will understand.

First off, I’m not running for President. McCain is running for President, I’m running for Vice President – just to clear that up. You all have been confused lately by the ticket.

If, by experience, you mean the people who sat up in Washington – totally clueless of the events of the past week. With Harry Reid, Democrat Majority Leader in the Senate, said “no one has a clue what to do” and Democrat Speaker of the House saying that she’d just adjourn Congress and leave it someone else to fix. And, next to me, we have Senator Biden who has been on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue in the past 25 years. Wrong on the first Gulf War. Wrong on the Surge and he wanted to cut and run from Iraq and split it up into 3 provinces, further increasing Iran’s influence in the region.

Is this the kind of experience you think we should have up there? If this is your type of qualifications and experience, then I’m not your person. If you want fresh blood up there, someone who has a history of cutting through the bureaucracy, cutting spending, and governing on the side of the people. Then, yes, I have the right experience. And John McCain and I will be ready to lead when elected.

I think it’s a terrific answer. Could probably be worded better – I’m no artist, but it would resonate around this country. People understand that Washington is a disaster (20% approval ratings for Congress) and believe that Washington is run by criminals. Exploit that; and they’ll win.

Both Democrats and Republicans have, what I’ll call The Sarah Palin Problem. It’s a complex situation that’ll resolve itself in the coming months. And we’ll see what happens in November.

For Republicans, she’s a good problem to have. She energizes the base of the party, something that McCain, alone, could never do. The enthusiasm gap for the election has never been closer; and McCain actually pulls more Republicans (90%) than Obama pulls Democrats (82%) (link). Since the party identification is narrowing as well, this greatly benefits McCain and affords him the chance to win in November, something that was unthinkable 3 weeks ago.

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