Glenn Reynolds links to a post suggesting we should write-in Fred Thompson in the primaries to show that Republican voters wanted to vote for a true conservative. But now, they can’t since he dropped out in the last week or so.

I think the idea is good; but why do it for Fred? Fred, apparently, could have won all 47 of LA’s delegates had he stayed in the race a few days longer. Momentum was, I believe, on Fred’s side. But he bowed out, and I still believe that he was in the race to be the VP, for McCain. He, in the end, killed off Huckabee (hopefully); so his candidacy did serve a useful purpose.

But still, I have not found any real evidence that Fred ever had the fire in his belly to be President. So why write him in? Instead, show complete disdain for the process and vote Zombie Reagan. Now that is a clear message. If we can’t vote for a conservative, we’d rather vote for a dead person. And what dead person is better able to win than Reagan?

Zombie Reagan. ’08. For eternity.

Zombie Reagan

When Fred first announced he was going to run for President, I was pretty happy with that. He seemed like a good guy to have in the race, but the months of hemming and hawing about coming in made it quite clear to me that he really didn’t want to run. But, I think he felt obligated after giving everyone the impression that he was going to. So he got in. Much of the time, it seemed like he wasn’t really campaigning though, just going through the motions.

Waiting for the writer’s strike to end, perhaps. Now that we have some writers crossing the lines (for talk shows, etc), Fred can get out and go back to his television and movie career, which seemed to make him happiest in the first place.

I’ll miss him, though. But still. He wasn’t going to win. So those who are left supporting him, time to swing your attention to someone who can win in the general election. Rudy perhaps. Or McCain. By far, they are the two most viable candidates on this side of the ticket. Voting for anyone else is voting for a sure fire loser. Neither is perfect but both are better than the alternative.

So American Idol is back again this year. And each year, it becomes more and more clear that American Idol is a microcosm of what is wrong with this country.

You get people auditioning who come in and totally suck. It’s obvious to even a tone deaf person like me that these people cannot sing. Yet, they thing that they are great singers – all their friends think so! So it comes down to Simon to tell these people they suck. And he’s the bad guy.  But, the reality is, is that their friends and family who have told this person “oh you are great” “you sound wonderful” all their life are to blame for the crushing dose of reality.

So they come into the audition and are incapable of accepting legitimate criticism, because they’ve never heard it before, that they explode and Simon is the bad guy. When he’s the best friend they have. Clearly their “real” friends have abdicated their role of being honest and truthful with them.

Then again, without these self delusional people, why would we watch? Yay, delusion!

In desperate need of a good analytics program – but needing to satiate by desire to not let big brother (Google) get all my data for free – I opted for a program I found while searching online.  It’s called the Stuffed Tracker apparently programmed by a company in Russia. The software is amazing – let’s you track users, track sales, create ad campaigns, split tests. Everything. It runs through a simple javascript at the bottom of your pages, like most do and does not seem to impede page load times. I had to email them with some minor issues and the tech guys helped me out immediately – even though our time difference is probably 8 hours apart. It’s all very impressive. I’m very glad I signed on with this company and their software. The admin side itself runs a lot of its stats and data through AJAX, which makes it all look very nice and allows for instant refresh of data and quick page loads. 3.0 is a substantial improvement over 2.5.2, but there are a few bugs to work out, which I’m sure are being worked on.

Too bad Yahoo isn’t as easy to deal with. Yahoo stores are notoriously difficult to get data from and this time was no different. Getting the order total was a complete bear and forced me to migrate over to Yahoo’s new Checkout Manager (ugh!) which I’d hesitated to do for over a year. Anyways, we finally got it fully running today (getting data out of our Yahoo Stores is a pain in the butt – Thanks Don for working on that for me!).

The one thing to be aware of is that it can really eat up your server time if you aren’t careful. Originally, we had installed it on the same server which we processed our inventory, orders, customer service etc. It drove the CPU up to 90% on occasion, which made everything drag very slowly. So, we had to purchase a new server instead and did so through Rack Force. The server is working out very well. CPU usage never approaches 4% (helps to have Dual Quard Core Xeon processors and 2 gigs of RAM, I’m sure) so I’m very happy with everything over all.

For $99, I don’t think I could ask anything more for an analytics program. Finally, we have a way to reliably check our web sales to see what channels are working for us and which ones aren’t.

Your words are: “poo” “chute” “snow-holing” “feces” “park” “Christmas” “contamination” “rigid bottle” “coming” and “deposit”

You make up your own story. It cannot possibly be any weirder than the actual story.