Finally. I found this online today.

USB Rechargeable Batteries

It’s a pair of AA batteries that can be recharged using the USB port on your computer. I can imagine these would be great for travel, especially for your cordless mice or a ton of other things. I know I’m buying some (the box of 10 perhaps) so I can recharge one set of batteries while using another in my new Xbox 360.

The box of 10 is a bit pricey at 89.95 pounds (about 160 dollars or so?) so I have concerns about battery life. But other than that, in the long run, it might even be a good investment.

Want to impress the ladies, but don’t have money? Don’t earn your cash, fake it. With these brand new fake ATM receipts. With a few clicks, you, too can have a bank balance of nearly a million dollars. Drop them on the table during a date, leave one on your kitchen table when you bring that hot date home, leave one in the car. Anywhere you want the ladies to notice. Cuz, guys, afterall, we all know what wins the ladies’ heart right? Cash! Or at least the perception of cash.

Fake Receipts

Here’s mine. I only have $987,000 in the bank (Its not much different than reality, ladies, I swear!). How much fake wealth do you have? The site offers a year supply and a monthly supply of fake ATM receipts.

Sometimes I amaze myself. Three days after talking about how wonderfully delicious a nearly extinct creature might be, everyone’s (mine and yours!) environmental hero serves up some nearly extinct creatures to a party of 75 people. Why wasn’t I invited?

You’d think the saviour of the planet would save such a rare meal – possibly the last one ever! – of Chilean Sea Bass for a special occasion. Like a wedding. Nope. It was for a wedding rehearsal.

Only a week after Live Earth, eco-warrior Al Gore didn’t do much for his green credentials when he shocked fellow environmentalists by serving up an endangered fish at his daughter’s wedding rehearsal dinner.

The former US vicepresident provided 75 guests with Chilean sea bass – one of the world’s most threatened fish species.

If that’s the opening course for the wedding, what will be the main course? A panda bear? Knut?

I’m also wondering if they were ill-tempered sea bass?

Dr. Evil: You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads! Now evidently my cycloptic colleague informs me that that cannot be done. Ah, would you remind me what I pay you people for, honestly? Throw me a bone here! What do we have?
Number Two: Sea Bass.
Dr. Evil: [pause] Right.
Number Two: They’re mutated sea bass.
Dr. Evil: Are they ill tempered?
Number Two: Absolutely.
Dr. Evil: Oh well, that’s a start.

All-in-all, I’d rate this eating of a nearly extinct creature a 6 out of 10. Nice effort. But people care more about furry mammals. If you are going to eat something that’s about to go extinct, make sure it has lots of soft fur and big puppy dog eyes.

I’m a long time advocate of eating rare and nearly extinct creatures. If they are heading the way of the do-do, why not enjoy them while they are still around? And what better way to enjoy creatures than to BBQ them?

Some villagers in New Guinea agree with me; and further bolster my beliefs that the most delicious animals are the nearly extinct ones. Sad.

One of the villagers said that he had trapped one in a snare and eaten it in the jungle, being unaware of how rare and sought-after the echidna was. “It was delicious,” he said.

Imagine if you were eating the last of a species. I bet that’d be a sweet, sweet meal, wouldn’t it? Somehow knowing that you would be the last person to ever nibble on it would make it taste better. Maybe to the point of not even needing Ketchup!

One of the Zoologists looking for the creature said, “This is good news. Of course, I’m delighted. I would like to meet it.”

Or eat it. Which ever. You know.

So I’ll pass it to my reader(s). Which nearly extinct animal sounds delicious to you? I’m up for Panda Bear. It sits around all day and does nothing but eat and sleep. That’s gotta be some mighty tender meat there. I bet Knut is pretty yummy, too.

I’ve been waiting since the Xbox 360 has been released to buy the system. I keep waiting and waiting. I currently own an Xbox and liked several games – even though I’m not a huge gamer. I like action RPG’s and adventure games, primarily.

I’ve also been looking at the PS3 since it was released. I used to own a PS2 a long time ago as well.

But, I’m still wondering – why did either of these companies even produce these systems?

In 2007, do we really want to be playing Missile Command? Pac Man? Joust? Double Dragon? Paperboy?

Those games were fun; for their time. But it’s 2007. Surely we can do better, right?

So far, for the Xbox, the only game that interests me is Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. I haven’t seen anything for the PS3 yet. The quality of games doesn’t even seem much above the Xbox for either system.

How much longer before something good comes out? Really?

I’d buy some PC games, but I’m sick of upgrading my PC and everything seems like its an MMORPG anyways – and I refuse to play those wastes of time.

A great moronic convergence happened the other day, which should put to rest all of the debate of whether or not Ron Paul is a truther or simply an enabler. Clearly, he’s a truther. Let’s go to the tape (above).

At about 1:27 in the above clip (counting up, some of you may count down) he suggests that a “Gulf of Tonkin” incident might be used to gain popular support for an attack on Iran. Not coincidentally, Rosie O’Donnell already made this same point a few months ago.

“But interesting with the British sailors, there were 15 British sailors and Marines who apparently went into Iranian waters and they were seized by the Iranians. And I have one thing to say: Gulf of Tonkin, Google it. Okay.”

So what we have here is Ron Paul stealing content from Rosie O’Donnell. Bad Ron. Bad boy! But he’s doing it late as well. If you are going to be a whacked out conspiracy junky, at least put forth conspiracies that haven’t already been thunk up by Rosie. It’s not tough.

I believe Cindy Sheehan even floated this balloon a few weeks ago too, but I’m having trouble – at the moment – of finding the exact quote. If I can find it; we have a trifecta of moronic convergence. A Ron Paul sandwich if you will.

Ron Paul. The last hope. The best hope. For humanity. Save the Republic. Take the Red Pill. Ron Paul.

Don’t feel like your robotic love for Ron Paul is enough? Don’t feel like you spam enough blogs with Ron Paul diatribes? Don’t digg enough articles about Ron Paul? Don’t skew enough Internet Polls with the hero of civilization, Ron Paul? Is the cult-like following becoming tedious and dull? Do you need a new way to iconize the last hope for the Republic. Nay. The last hope for humanity.

Ron Paul Silver Coin

Here it is. The Ron Paul Coin series.  You, too, can walk into a store and have cashiers look at you like you are from outer space. Much like people do when you tell them “I support Ron Paul” – enjoy that weird sense of discomfort in real life, not just in your mom’s basement. Buy Ron Paul coins today!

You know you want to. Why? Because Ron Paul is on it. And, given that Ron Paul is the last, best hope for humanity; surely you cannot live without this priceless keepsake. Worship it! Sacrifice your first born to it. Ron Paul commands you.

When your school system suffers from the following:

  • 46% proficiency in Reading
  • 39% proficiency in Math
  • 31% proficiency in reading for black students
  • 25% proficiency in math for black students
  • 65% graduation rate (in 5 years)

 And are told, that to improve the situation, you need to implement the following steps (pdf link):

  • A top-to-bottom organizational focus on student achievement, supported by a consistent and continuous message from superintendent and board
  • The rigorous use of achievement data to inform instructional, staffing, and programmatic decisions by teachers, principals, and central office staff
  • Systems to hire, develop, and retain effective teachers and principals in all schools
  • The full engagement of families and the larger community in promoting achievement

What steps would you take to improve your schools and the quality of education for your students?

If you are the Pittsburgh Public School system, then obviously, you’d take the following steps:

  • Hire Better Teachers  Drop the word “public” from the school system.
  • Encourage Parents to Help with Education  Make a new logo. Complete with circles, triangles and squares
  • Use achievement data to help recognize areas of concern   Hire a marketing consultant to make a new slogan, “Excellence for all”
  • Improve communication between parents and teachers   Build a customer service center, aimed at boosting the district’s image
  • Improve the reading and math classes   Teach kids how to put on a condom

The Pittsburgh Public School System, sorry the Pittsburgh School System, is surely in line to work wonders in the field of education, graduation and help to bring a new generation of leaders into the world. Congratulations.

Curious, if only 39% of your student body will be able to recognize a logo with circles, squares and triangles – won’t that alienate your customer base? Oh well. Guess that’s a hurdle we’ll cross when we come to it.

I love the made for TV movies that air on Sci Fi. Yes, I complain about them, but they are always 2 hours of mindless fun. I love movies that are easy to mock, make no sense and are generally a waste of film.

But this weekend, one of the movies had the weirdest series of moments. The movie was some typical “monster wants to take over the planet but a group of hot young people thwart the plan” type deal. It was so-so, wait, that’s giving it too much credit. It was terrible. The movie was Legion of the Dead, which features the best tag line ever:

An ancient tomb unearthed… An underworld army unleashed!

The actual underworld army, if I remember right was one hot chick. Anyways, back to the story.

The beginning of the movie featured a guy on a motorcycle jumping over some ramp and crashing. After a buddy finds him, the two light up a cigarette and talk about something stupid. Sci Fi channel thought we were emotionally prepared for such a scene, so they blurred out the actual point when they put the cigarette in their mouths with one of those nudity blurs. It was surreal.

Other parts of the movie featured people being killed (lots of blood of course), cursing (F!@# was muted, but lip reading isn’t hard), a hot chick (see above) walking around naked (nipples were in the dark, but come on) and also featured her straddling a guy in a sex pose as she fried his face off. Her butt, boobs, etc were barely hidden in darkness.

So, I guess in Sci Fi’s eyes, we are emotionally ready to see naked chicks, lots of blood shed, cursing and death; but are not capable of seeing someone smoke a cigarette. The horrors of it all!

Separately, how far has Bruce Boxleitner fallen? I loved him in Babylon 5. How sad to see him in this terrible film.

We’ve been selling our products on Amazon for about 3 or 4 months now and I’ve begun to notice a pattern with the sales. It seems like we get 3 or 4 good weeks of sales, followed up by 2 or 3 weeks of slower sales. I’m highlighting this trend with a graph of our sales over the past month (numbers obscured, just showing the concept).


You can clearly see the rise, the steady sales, the drop, the rise again, then the last dip. Over the past weekend, sales have really shot up once again and we’ll probably do record sales over the weekend for our items on Amazon (thanks customers!).

I’ve been trying to pin down the reason(s) for this. At first, I thought it might be feedback related; but our feedback was trending very positive (about 92% positive) before the latest dip, which was about 2-5% higher than before and we also have more products in stock than earlier in the season. So that’s not the cause.

We’ve also been updating UPC codes for our products, so they relate better with current product on Amazon. Sales did not rise or fall after starting to include those to our feeds, so that is not the cause either. On this note though, we’ve noticed that bigger companies (Target, for example) are using the improper UPC codes on some products which causes problems. Since they are the “authority” for some products, their information supercedes our own. This has caused a few problems over the past week, where Target claims a given product is 72 inches long, when it’s actually 36 inches. Target uploaded the product as 72 inches, using the 36 inch UPC code. Nice, Right?

I’m guessing that Amazon somehow cycles the sellers around, to make sure everyone gets their products listed well on average, instead of having a few people always appear on top. This makes quite a bit of sense; showing different results all the time would help customer retention.

Either way, the ups and downs are very confusing. We are just hoping that the cycle is up during the busy Christmas shopping season.