Verizon FIOS has the Blackbelt channel; but I’m not sure why. I watch it off and on, because its an awesome concept for a TV channel. All the good (even the really bad!) ninja movies out there and fights and martial arts cartoons. 24 hours a day. What could be better?

But what are we presented with?

  • A couple of bimbos who chant the name of the station we are watching.
  • Mortal Kombat cartoons – I think there are like 5 episodes, cuz they run the same ones over and over and over again.
  • The same 4 fights. I’ve seen the game guys fight about 10 times now.
  • Bowflex commercials.

Awful.  It’s sad when the Bowflex commercials are the best content on the channel.

And it even has a crappy website, from the last time I looked. It’s been on television for over a year now. The first 6 months were a promo telling us what we’d see. I feel deceived.

Just noting the obvious retort to the 9/11 truther claim that fire cannot melt steel.

For the record, steel loses 50% integrity at the temperature jet fuel burned, which caused the systemic failure in the buildings.

Truthers claim that fire cannot melt steel. I usually avoid the obvious retort that says “steel workers disagree with you, people who make forks disagree with you, even guys who make samurai swords disagree with you.” Anyways.

But there was an accident the other day in San Fransisco that shows fire melting steel. Must’ve been Bush using controlled demolitions again. And I quote fire crews on the scene:

The upper deck of Interstate Highway 580 at Interstate Highway 80, located near Emeryville, collapsed Sunday morning after an explosion and fire.

Heat from the tanker explosion on the westbound 580 melted the upper roadway of the MacArthur Maze. The fire was intense enough to cause the tanker truck to basically melt away, according to crews on the scene.

Bush, you magnificent bastard. Thumbing your nose at the truthers when they least expect it.  NBC11 has a complete slideshow of the situation here.

For posterity, here is one of the images (click for full size):

Fire Melting Steel

This morning my dog went mental in the backyard and I thought they were just barking at ghosts or at the neighbor’s dog. It wouldn’t shut up, so I went outside and what do I find inside the screened patio?

 A Red Tailed Hawk (at least, that’s what I think it was, from pictures online) laying on its back, claws in the air. The dogs were barking at it and it was panting like it had been trying to get out for a while. 

As I approached it the first few times, it tried to fly away and just ended up doing headers into the screen, then falling back down to earth. I thought it was going to kill itself. After a few tries, I get the pool net on top of it and keep the dogs away.

So I try to bring the bird to the door saying the whole time “I won’t hurt you. I won’t hurt you. Don’t bite me. Don’t bite me.” as if it understood. So it flies closer to the house, where the sliding glass door is still opened. I’m praying that it doesn’t go inside – then we’ll never get it out again.

It lands on a patio chair and I put the net over it again. It tries to fly away and just tips over into the net, upside down. This made it a lot easier to carry outside the covered area. So I take it out, turn the net over and let it sit in the grass. Keeping the dogs away at the same time.

Eventually, the thing flies away and into the trees. I’m glad it didn’t seem injured and happy that it got away. A nice eventful Sunday morning.

Awesome looking animal. I’ve never seen one that close and now I hope I don’t again.

In March it was reported that Captain America was felled by a sniper’s bullet. The Marvel superhero, turned outspoken critic of the Bush Administration (in comic book world, at least) took a bullet for liberalism and was killed. Just like the freedoms Bush takes away every day, right? Right?

Well, anyways, it turns out that this death was severely misreported (investigative journalism, ha!). It seems that he is alive and well, and a pervert.

While at the On Tap bar, Adamcik, 54, allegedly touched the genital areas of two women, according to a Melbourne Police Department report, a copy of which you’ll find here. “Because there were so many cartoon characters in the bar at this time, all Captain Americas were asked to go outside for a possible identification,” notes the report. One woman positively identified Adamcik as the superhero who groped her. While being booked, Adamcik asked to use the bathroom. It was then, police charge, that he attempted to flush marijuana, which apparently had been hidden in his blue tights.

Why do all superheroes who turn into liberals end up as pot smoking perverts? Tell me why that is?

Coincidence, I think not!

Tonight was strike three. Since we moved into our house, we’ve never really been close to our neighbors, but tonight took the cake.

When we first moved in, our neighbors invited us over for a pool party (no, not this type of pool party). Everyone had kids, except us, but it was still a decent day. But, busy as busy as we are, don’t have a lot of time to socialize with them. Given that they are about 10-15 years older than us, with kids. We don’t have too much in common, anyways. So we are unsociable.

Also, we live on a T intersection in our neighborhood and hate being stared at when we weed or plant stuff outside, so we usually end up weeding or planting stuff after sunset or in the evening when we feel like it; plus, since its Florida its not 100 degrees at night. Midnight dirt famers. Strike two.

And tonight was the last straw. One of our cats was sitting in front of the neighbors front door, so we went over to take it home. It’s night time of course. So as we grab the cat; the neighbor’s motion activated flood lights come on and our neighbor (a cop) darted out almost instantly. So, we have to explain that we are just bringing our wayward cat home. And apologize for bugging them at night. Nice. Strike three.

So, it’s official. We are unsociable midnight dirt farming peeping toms. Time to move, I think.

This deserves a link because it is the coolest movie I’ve seen online in forever.

Nazi Robot

The whole fight scene is terrific. Voice acting suffers a little, but who cares, really. The way the robots move is totally realistic – slow and plodding. Where is this video game? I’d buy an Xbox 360 tomorrow to fight WW2 with giant robots.

Some of the comments on the site are too funny. “A+” – what is this, Ebay? I love the critiques too; as if any of the commenters could do better. Come on now.

At least the comments “I want a sequel ASAP!!” haven’t shown up as of this posting.

Update: Here is an updated link for the vide as the other one appears to be dead.

Thread of the day is at  Digital Point today. A user known as “guru-seo” started a thread about how well his new site ranked. At first; the site was just an obvious Bush hater site (not that I care, really, but its a thinly veiled attempt to promote it).  I chime in on that fact at about the 5th post. Two posters before me already pointed out that the site only ranks well because the keyword isn’t even targeted (ie. no one ever searches for the terms used, so who cares if its #1).

I realize that the content is ripped from a site his site links to; but can’t verify it so its not pursued by me. But we’ll get back to this. When another user, mvandemar (owner of this useful tool), points it out and emails the copyright holder, “guru-seo” apparently claims that he owns (post #28). After being asked several times if he ripped content from plinko’s site; he ignores us. An obvious admission of guilt – in my eyes - at least.

For posterity (in case the site is ever removed), here is a screen shot of “guru-seo”‘s site.

guru-seo busted

And here is a link to the original site for comparison. Tex stolen. Check. Images stolen. Check. Claiming to be the site owner. Check. Houston, we have a problem.

When someone comes to a forum and posts 56% of xxx are yyy. My usual retort is “78% of statistics are made up on the spot”.

But how accurate is this, really? Is it 78% or did I pull that number out of nowhere?

There is much disagreement on this important subject. A quick Google search revealed how far this disagreement has gotten.

This guy says its 98%. Improbable. Someone out there -has- to be throwing about actual information.

This guy says its 47.3% (but later corrected it to be 43.7%) – not credible, obviously. If you can’t type, you surely can’t make up a believable number.

This guy says its 96%. So he’s an optimist; compared to the guy who thinks that 98% are made up.

Being the internet, what is the definitive source of such information? Google? Nope. Wikipedia? Good lord, no. Yahoo? I laugh.

It’s spam of course. From the spam email archive; 95% of statistics are made up on the spot.

I’ll be damned…could I have been wrong? Wait. In my never ending quest to be right; this site claims that 77% of statistics are made up. I think I’ll go with that; but add a margin of error (1%) to the number.

Therefore, my original assertion that 78% of statistics are made up is completely accurate. And; when dealing with fake numbers, accuracy is important. Ask Lancet, they know all about fake numbers and accuracy, they’d agree with me.

(For the record, I spelt “statistics” wrong about 10 different times in this post – I think I found all the spelling errors, though. 78% of people do spell statistics wrong on the first try, you know).

We all know about Archimedes’ Death Ray, but let’s sum up:

Archimedes Death Ray

Ancient Greek and Roman historians recorded that during the siege of Syracuse in 212 BC, Archimedes (a notably smart person) constructed a burning glass to set the Roman warships, anchored within bow and arrow range, afire.

Now, you can recreate the Death Ray and help save the planet!

It’s a new grill that uses the power of the sun (you know; that thing that warms the planet ….. no, not SUV’s silly) to cook your food in well, minutes.

New Death Ray

But a new barbecue lets environmentally-conscious cooks enjoy grilling their food outside without feeling guilty about global warming.

The Solar-Grill catches sunlight with mirrors and beams it into its oven to cook food in a matter of minutes without smoke or flames.

To get grilling all a householder has to do is lift the lid on the shiny silver barbie, aim it at the sun and place the food inside.

Without the flames and smoke; what’s the point really?

But, not only are you helping the environment, you can also ward off the invading Persian hordes when you focus the death ray into the water and burn up approaching ships. Should we really be encouraging people to have a death ray? In this day and age?